Kirksville Motor Company Chat

Standard Online Chat

Did you know that most websites that offer a chat service have agents that work outside of the business and not directly for the company? Often, these agents have little familiarity with the business and are unable to answer more detailed questions.

The main priority of the chat is not necessarily to provide immediate customer service, but simply to get the customer’s information for later use. Many companies’ websites are more geared towards lead generation rather than being the best source for gathering information.

Our Instant Chat

At Kirksville Motor Company, we have decided to go a different direction and make our website as useful to our guests as possible. We understand that when a guest engages with a chat that they are hoping to get answers to their questions instantly.

That is why at Kirkvsille Motor Company our chat service is handled by our actual Sales Consultant’s 7 days a week all the way from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Our Sales Consultants understand that their first priority is to answer our guest’s questions in the chat to the best of their ability instantly.

These chat options are available on most of the pages on our site. Any time there is an option to click an item that includes the word instantly our guests can be confident that they can get the answers to their questions from our Sales Consultants directly.

Additionally, at the bottom right of any page, our guests can start a chat with one of our Sales Consultants. Another approach we have taken that differs from many is that instead of the chat popping up after every page the guest opens, our guests can close out the chat pop up at any time without it re-appearing again. The bubble itself will still remain accessible if the guest wishes to utilize it later.

Here’s your chance:

Get Questions Answered Instantly

A Note About After Hours

While our desire is to provide our guests the best experience possible, our staffing does not allow us to staff our chat 24 hours a day. We still want our guests to have the opportunity to make inquiries after hours, so we do utilize outside agents from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. The service will start out automated, but if our guests do engage a live agent will be able to assist with sending in the inquiry but may not be able to answer more detailed questions.